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Drivers Competing With A Cast

Our concern is more for the other drivers on track, as well as the child with the cast. While we feel a driver with a cast on their arm, for example, may be able to drive the car on their own, we have felt that they cannot have full grip of the wheel. Same as a cast on a leg, ankle or foot, that a driver cannot feel the brake or gas pedal. We discussed this with 2 leading doctors/surgeons from IndyCar who treat all injured IndyCar drivers and have treated most injured USAC drivers and learned even more. To state it a little more simply, it is physically impossible for a driver to properly hold on to a steering wheel through its range of motion with a standard hard cast. For this reason, we are implementing the following.

726 Safety Equipment

E. Any driver with a hard cast will not be allowed in USAC competition. Any driver with a soft cast or brace, must get cleared from the USAC National office and may require a doctors release.


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