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Drivers Competing With A Cast

Our concern is more for the other drivers on track, as well as the child with the cast. While we feel a driver with a cast on their arm, for example, may be able to drive the car on their own, we have felt that they cannot have full grip of the wheel. Same as a cast on a leg, ankle or foot, that a driver cannot feel the brake or gas pedal. We discussed this with 2 leading doctors/surgeons from IndyCar who treat all injured IndyCar drivers and have treated most injured USAC drivers and learned even more. To state it a little more simply, it is physically impossible for a driver to properly hold on to a steering wheel through its range of motion with a standard hard cast. For this reason, we are implementing the following.

726 Safety Equipment

E. Any driver with a hard cast will not be allowed in USAC competition. Any driver with a soft cast or brace, must get cleared from the USAC National office and may require a doctors release.


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2018 Champions:
Jr Honda Vance Moerch
Sr. Honda Collin Mitchell
Hvy. Honda Austin Evans
Lt. World Formula Jonathan Shafer
Hvy. World Formula Judd Miller
Lt. 160 Collin Mitchell
Hvy. 160 Aidan Salisbury
Jr. Animal Austin Geer
Sr. Animal Collin Mitchell
Unr. Animal Greyson Springer
Lt. Formula Mod Grant Valkner
Hvy. Formula Mod Lance Lipasek


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